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How to sign up

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

The CCGC committee have created a basic step by step process for anyone that is unsure how to get started. For everyone that is already has a membership this doesn't apply to you.

Everyone that purchases a membership and golf day tickets will get an invoice to show proof of purchase for your own records, but if you would like to double check your membership status please email and we will get back to you asap.

Just as a reminder you must purchase a membership to be involved in golf days and events.

We will not be dealing with any cash. Purchasing through the website will be the only way you can register for a membership and golf days. We apologise if this is an inconvenience to you.

Step 1: Purchase 'Full Year Membership 2022'

  1. The membership purchase area is located on the home page or on the top right side of the webpage there is a menu item called 'Membership'.

  2. Click on the membership icon or 'buy now'.

  3. Select a polo size and then click 'Add to Cart'.

  4. Once this is complete you will view cart. You should be automatically moved to this screen if you are purchasing on your mobile phone/tablet. If you are on a computer you will have your 'Cart' pop up on the right hand side, select view cart. if you want to access your cart from the website, on the computer the cart icon is on the top right and if you are on your phone it is on the top left.

  5. Once you are in your cart and can see you have a membership in there you will select 'Checkout'

  6. You will then fill out the 'shipping details'. These include email, full name, and home address.

  7. Click 'Continue' for delivery method.

  8. Enter you Debit/credit card details for 'payment'.

  9. Review you order.

  10. Then click 'Place Order'

Step 2: Purchase tickets to golf days

  1. Golf day events are located in two areas, the home page labelled 'Upcoming Events' or in the menu items on the top right of the website called 'Events'.

  2. Click 'RSVP' for the golf day you want to join, make sure to check the date, time and location for this event.

  3. Select the Quantity of tickets you want to purchase.

  4. Click 'Checkout'.

  5. Add your details, these include full name, email and phone number. Then click 'Continue'.

  6. Include you debit/credit card details

  7. Then click 'Place Order'

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email


CCGC Committee

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